RWR Helps Engineers Deliver What Their Clients Want

Our top priority is to be one of your most reliable contractor assets that you routinely call with confidence.  We know we must earn a great long-term relationship with you by providing excellent service.

This means producing thoughtful, thorough, timely estimates compliant with your specifications, and being ready to perform the job flawlessly, should the work be required.

When you recommend us to your client, our goal is to help you delight your client with high quality work done in a respectful and professional manner.

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What we do:

Structural concrete
New Foundations
Retaining walls
Underground structures
Under-building garages
Textured and colored shotcrete
Track and tight access/portable drilling
Difficult, tight access, hilly conditions, failing structures or slopes
Drilling and installation of:
Soil nails
Rock bolts
Helical anchors, vertical and horizontal
Pneumatically driven steel minipiles
Steel push piles (foundation as reaction)

Foundation repairs and Underpinning
Retaining walls, Earth Retention systems, Slide repairs
Geobrugg steel netting
Soldier beam walls
Recompacted geofabric-reinforced soils slide repair
Lime treatment slide repair

Gravity walls
Spread footing, pier and tieback walls
Textured shotcrete slope cover with soil nails or tiebacks
Textured or plain shotcrete retaining walls
Versa-lok style wall systems
Shoring + Underpinning
Sequential underpinning/shoring
Zero lot line shoring, underpinning of adjacent structures
Hand dug underpinning, shoring pits
Sequentially installed waterproofing and drainage
Solder beam and p.t. lagging shoring
Steel tube or beam x-bracing
Pier, steel pile and helical underpinning and shoring systems
Drainage and Waterproofing
Miradrain proc
Paraseal products
Thoroseal products
Waterstop systems
Grace Injection Systems and products
SDR35 Standard perforated and solid pipe systems
Horizontal dewatering drains
Gallery drains
Curtain wall drains
Drainage and waterproofing of existing structure


RWR has enjoyed excellent working relationships with many engineers in the area.  Below is a partial list of engineers we’ve worked with, on one project or another here in the Bay Area.

  • Alan Kropp & Associates Inc
  • Art Lang Engineering
  • Alexander Ortiz Consulting Engineer
  • Allen Gruen Associates
  • BACE Geotechnical
  • Ballard and Watkins
  • Bauer Associates
  • Bear Design
  • Benjamin P. Lai & Associates Structural Engineers
  • C.S.E. Structural Engineers
  • CE&G
  • Cotton, Shires & Associates, Inc.
  • CSW- Stuber-Stroeh Engineering Group
  • Darius Abolhassani Consultant Associates
  • Dave Olnes Inc.
  • Detlev Doring, S.E. Inc.
  • Dominic Chu Consulting Strucural Engineer
  • Earth Machanics Consulting
  • ECCM
  • Ed Beattie
  • Fulcrum Structural Engineering
  • GFDS Engineers
  • Holm Engineering
  • Holmes Culley
  • I.L Schwartz Engineering
  • Ish Jhamb & Associates
  • Joe Buel Engineering
  • Joe Roger
  • John C. Hom & Associates Inc
  • John Yadegar Associates
  • Harold Lewis Geotechnical Engineer
  • Henry Larsen Engineering
  • Herzog Geotechnical
  • Kwan & Associates
  • Lawrence B. Karp Consulting Engineer
  • Michelucci & Associates
  • Miller Pacific Engineering Group
  • Mohan Srinivas Geotechnical Engineer
  • Monte Stott & Associates, Inc.
  • Nersi Hemati Consulting Soil Engineering
  • P G Soils, Inc.
  • PB&A inc.
  • Peter A. Culley, S.E. Consultant, LLC
  • Peter Nissan Consulting Engineer
  • Peterson – Mullin
  • Pheif Engineering, Inc.
  • Ray Wrysinski Civil Engineer
  • Robert Y. Chew Geotechnical
  • Rollo & Ridley Inc.
  • Salem Howes Associates
  • Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers Inc.
  • SE Consulting, Inc.
  • Seidelman Assoc. Geotech. Consulting Engineers
  • Settgast Geoengineering
  • SOHA
  • Structus
  • Tom Tormey Engineering
  • Treadwell & Rollo, Inc.
  • Tysinger & Associates
  • Weir/Andrewson Associates, Inc.