RWR has done a lot of work in the Mill Valley area, including foundation repairs, retaining walls and drainage repairs. You may see our trucks and drilling equipment on East Blythedale, working their way up into the Mill Valley neighborhoods. The hilly Mill Valley area, at the foot of Mt Tamalpais gets a lot of rain and moisture, which can cause foundations to become unstable, and retaining walls to fail. It is important to correct these problems with well designed, well engineered plans, that are properly constructed. RWR specializes in this type of construction work in the Mill Valley area, and has great relationships with many engineers and architects working in this area. If you have a situation you’d like us to look at, please give us a call.

Here’s an example of foundation repair work we perform in the Mill Valley area. You can see this work requires skillful experienced foundation contractors and very competent crew. RWR brings you the expertise you need for your important project.

Estimate for Excavation, Demo, Drilling,
I Beams and Lagging

This estimate is based on plans. The estimate is for replacing a failed masonry retaining wall with a soldier pile wall. Our estimate includes demo and bench I beams and lagging with backfill. Our price includes all labor and material to complete the work as per the itemized Scope of Work below.

Scope of Work

Mobilization and Layout
• Mobilize to jobsite with portable drilling rigs along with other necessary equipment to complete job (See notes below).
• Layout to be completed by RWR per plans and specifications (Does not include surveyor if required).
• Daily Cleanup
• Final Cleanup

Demo and Bench
• Demo existing concrete as necessary to install new soldier pile wall.
• Cut and bench as necessary to install new all
• Off haul spoils.

• Drill five (5) 18” diameter x 8 ft maximum pier holes with portable drilling equipment. See hard rock drilling conditions. Final depths to be determined by soils engineer. Additional cost if pier lengths extended. No deduct.
• Install five (5) steel I beams (w8x18) and place concrete in holes.
• Beams are installed uncoated. Additional cost for coating or rust protection.
• Off haul drill spoils from site.
Wood Lagging
• Install 4×12 PT lagging between I beams per plans and specifications.
• Seal all cut ends with preservative. Leave ¼” gap between boards for drainage.
• Install back drain consisting of permeable class II drainage system.
• Wall height a maximum of 7 ft per plans
• Back-fill top 1 ft. behind wall with compacted native soils, to cap

Qualifications and Clarifications
• Job is bid as package.
• Includes one mobilization only.
• Prices are subject to RWR obtaining adequate supply of wood, steel, rock, concrete, and asphalt, PVC resins, PVC pipe, fittings at prices quoted at bid time and are good for 30 days.
• Proposal is based on working std 40 hours per week, 5 work days and mutually agreeable schedules.
• Survey of property lines must be done by licensed surveyor.
• Cost of plans, permits, bonds, testing and inspections.
• Any additional work as a result of utilities including buried pipes or irrigation pipes unless noted.
• Increased costs of excavation or drilling due to hard rock, caving or underground water. (Hard rock excavation is defined as material that requires the use of pneumatically or hydraulically operated hammers or rams to excavate.) (Hard rock drilling is defined as a penetration rate slower than 1 ft. in 5 minutes).
• Replacement of damaged landscaping, driveway or fence.
• Excavation and off hauling of hazardous materials, underground tanks, or materials unacceptable at dumps.
• Any work related to landscaping, fences or gates except as outlined
• Embedment into concrete other than standard foundation bolts
• Survey of property lines
• Landscaping or irrigation
• Any additional work for drainage
• Shoring (Shoring allowance provided) including earth shoring which exceeds shoring allowance
• Excludes installation of electrical and plumbing
• Carpentry except as needed for installation of concrete and lagging
• Erosion control or winterization