Need underpinning to permanently stabilize home or level floors in Berkeley? Call 415-457-5658 for a prompt, reliable estimate from our experienced estimator. RWR has been installing underpinning in Berkeley for over 24 years. You will see our trucks and equipment working in Berkeley, Berkeley Hills, and Kensington.

Here’s the kind of detailed estimate you can rely on, to correct foundation problems and perform structural work, including even zero lot line jobs that require our expertise:

This estimate is based on structural. The bid is for the installation of drilled cast-in-place reinforced concrete piers and grade beams to stabilize the eastern side of the house as per plans.

Our price includes all labor and material to complete the job as per the itemized Scope of Work below.

Scope of Work
• Mobilize to site.
• Install a temporary wooden earth and debris catch/retention wall along the East down hill side of the property to avoid damage to neighbors property. Remove from site when job is completed.
• Demolish and remove from site the existing failing walkways and entry stair.
• Remove, set aside and re-install rear deck boards as necessary for the installation of the concrete piers and grade beam.
• Remove existing landscaping rocks and other small obstructions in the way for the installation of the piers.
• Drill and install (2) 18” diameter x 19 ft. deep maximum and (6) 18” diameter x 18 ft deep maximum reinforced concrete piers along eastern side of house and part way up both sides of house as per plan layout. Off-haul drilling spoils from site.
• Excavate for and install (8) 2 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep x various lengths (as per plans) reinforced concrete pier caps connected to the top of the piers and either butted up against or doweled to the existing house foundation as per plans.
• At piers 3, 4, 5 & 6 install 8” thick perimeter reinforced concrete retention/edge wall as shown on drawings. As well as the tie beam at the wooden deck side as per detail 5/S2. Includes epoxy dowels as per plans.
• Install approx. 322 square ft of new 6” thick slab on grade as on top of the structural work creating a new walkway and front step as per plans.
• Backfill and re-compact as needed for the slab on grade installation.
• Install drainage lines as per plans. Includes (3) 6” square NDS area drains, pick up (2) downspouts and outlet via buried SDR-35 solid line to the street as per plans.
• Clean up site and remove RWR’s related construction debris.

• If the bond is eliminated (such bonds are usually used for public work jobs) reduce price by 3% of the final price. Invoices the client after work is completed and does not require any sub contractors to perform this job, therefore the client is always ahead based on the work performed.

Alternate # 1
• Install basic erosion control (e.g. straw wattle, silt fence) along eastern side of the property. As per City requirements.

Qualifications and Clarifications
• Job is bid as package unless agreement to otherwise
• Includes one mobilization only.
• Prices are subject to obtaining adequate supply of rock, concrete, asphalt, PVC resins, PVC pipe, fittings at prices quoted at bid time and are good for 30 days.
• Proposal is based on working std 40 hours per week, 5 work days and mutually agreeable schedules.
• Standard home improvement contract including all provisions and exhibits.
• Site winterization. (see erosion control included above)
• Progress payments every two weeks.

• Cost of plans, permits, testing and inspections.
• Increased costs of excavation or drilling due to hard rock, underground water or caving. (Hard rock drilling is defined as a penetration rate slower than 1ft. in 5 minutes). (Hard rock excavation is defined as material that requires the use of a pneumatic or hydraulic breaker to excavate).
• Any work on utilities including buried pipes.
• Removal of spoils from site not mentioned above.
• Structural/earth shoring.
• Repair to landscaping or irrigation.
• Excavation of hazardous materials, underground tanks, or materials unacceptable at dumps.